Tuesday, February 24, 2009

KDE 4.2 Lures Me Back to Kubuntu 8.10 . . .

Well, I sounded pretty certain in my last post that I was done with KDE 4.1 and Kubuntu 8.10. I was told by a commenter to that post that KDE 4.2 looked pretty promising. I spent this past weekend working with VirtualBox (which itself has matured into a great program - more later) and I got curious about what the Jaunty Jackalope Kubuntu had to offer. I downloaded the Alpha 4 release of Jaunty, and as with my first reaction to KDE 4.1, I was a little slackjawed at the aesthetics of 4.2:

So, deciding that KDE is my environment of choice, and that I'm going to have to grow with it or be left behind, I decided to re-upgrade to Intrepid on my laptop so I could upgrade to KDE 4.2. So far I am very pleased, but I haven't dug in yet. I've decided to keep my desktop on Hardy for the foreseeable future. Like my last post said, my Linux needs very quickly moved from hobby to professional use, so stability (and familiarity) are somewhat necessary. I'll report back on what I find . . .


lefty crupps said...

You should consider running Debian, although KDE 4.x isn't out of Experimental yet and there will be some changes what that does happen. However, if you consider stability important and work-related, Kubuntu isn't the best place for you to use KDE.

In my opinion, of course.

Chris said...

Thanks, lefty,

I am a big fan of Debian, and I've gotten that recommendation before. I'm still committed to Ubuntu at the moment, but you're not the first to tell me that Ubuntu and KDE aren't a perfect match :-).

Thanks for reading and thanks for the comment.


Anonymous said...

Using Kubuntu 8.10 w KDE 4.2 right now and have for about 2-3 weeks and it still is not in my top 3 KDE desktops.

Mandriva 2009 KDE 4.2 is still the cream of the crop in terms of stability and the family and friends distro of choice, replacing PCLInuxOS2007 with KDE3.5.

I like what PCLinuxOS2009 will be doing this year wehn it comes out and staying with the 3.5 paradigm but 4.2 is now ready for mom and pop. (theyve been eyeing my laptop where I tested most 4.x betas)

As for Kubuntu, it always feel like the redheaded stepchild of the Buntu family. I even think their Xubuntu is a much better release than their KDE version.

Chris said...

I'll have to check out Mandriva. I've just downloaded OpenSUSE 11 to test in VirtualBox.

I'm so comfortable in the Debian/Ubuntu world, but I'll give these ideas a chance. :-)